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a not emo lj. who'd a funk?

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hey lj
Dr. Rockso, Murderface
been a while. i decided i'm going to start posting here again, i need to write more and I have more privacy here then on fucking myspace.

i wanted to post something more then that, but i have 2 minutes to make it to class.

and wow, that sums up life right now anyways.

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Yay! How things been? It's been way too long.

you know, i was thinking about you recently. i've been talking having a shit down and watching Little Bird in the near future. how have you been?

I'm good, working at U of M is getting kind of tedious but I'm keeping busy. Kris and I have been poking at a new Violet Sue series and I just started doing a work-from-home script reading internship at some place in California.

A clown just touched my penis.

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