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Dr. Rockso, Murderface
[02:55] xerocalibur: be proud of me
[02:55] wax95: k
[02:55] wax95: ?
[02:55] xerocalibur: My stoner roomate Phil was trying to hook up with the chick from across the hallway, and literally was about to fool around with her in the main room when I had to use the restroom and accidentally interrupted them
[02:56] xerocalibur: So I had "the talk" with him tonight after she left about dorm awkwardness
[02:56] xerocalibur: And made sure to point out that I was in his position last year
[02:56] xerocalibur: And that, having been through the awkwardness, would not put up with that shit again from one of my own roomates
[02:56] wax95: nice
[02:56] wax95: i'm proud of you ben
[02:56] wax95: you actually learned something last year
[02:56] wax95: i think ryan owes me $5 now or something
[02:56] xerocalibur: x_X
[02:57] xerocalibur: I learned plenty last year
[02:57] xerocalibur: SoCo + mountain dew = tasty
[02:57] xerocalibur: White russians make the world all tumbly
[02:57] xerocalibur: Bud Light is the worst soda ever
[02:57] xerocalibur: Jay cannot dodge concrete.
[02:57] xerocalibur: Deskies do not know where to buy discount shuriken
[02:58] wax95: b is the devil
[02:59] wax95: fooling around with girls across the hall never works out
[02:59] wax95: the penalty box had a big hole in the back for people to get out of
[03:00] xerocalibur: Ninjas WILL steal your car (and yes, I did)
[03:01] xerocalibur: ... There will always be at least one restaurant open 24/7, and yes, they know you'll visit at 3am, blitzed out of your skull, just for a burger.
[03:01] wax95: drama is the source of all drama

yay for having class in 7 hours and i'm still not tired. weekend killed my sleep schedule. that and WoW. which is the devil. (i'm level 16 on my new char now)

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well at least you kids are learning something up there!

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